Pricing for Bridging Module

I prepare the VAT return for a small business sole trader and only need to use the VAT bridging option.

I’m a bit confused with the pricing chart on website where it says certain size companies are free.

If you’re using QuickFile to keep your records then it’s free for very small businesses (up to about 4 sales and/or purchases per week on average), but you need a power user subscription if your business is larger than that or if you aren’t keeping records in QuickFile and just want to use the bridging module.

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Hi @Linda3,

Further to @ian_roberts post, you can submit your first bridging VAT return for free, when you submit the second one then you will be prompted to pay for the subscription.

The Pricing Chart that you refer to is for when you use QuickFile to keep all of your records and not just for use with the bridging module.

Hope this helps

Thank you for your help.

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