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I am in the process of setting up and have now entered about 4,500 transactions going back to 2018, typically I’d expect to enter around 150-200 transactions per month

Can you confirm how pricing works, for instance at the moment I am shown as being XL but ongoing I will probably be in one of the lower tiers

Secondly I note XL and L seem to include “Power user” is that correct or is Power User and additional charge to the plan size?

Lastly - I have two companies on QF, I appreciate Affinity gives me one login for both, would I also need to pay for power user twice or would I get that anyway because I would be paying for one “L” sub every month?


Hi @Vistaro

Accounts are automatically upgraded to a Power User Subscription once they are over a 1000 nominal entries in a rolling 12 month period. It sounds as though you have gone over this threshold while entering the old data.

The £45 (+VAT) is chargeable on an annual basis for the Power User Subscription. If your account drops to below the 1000 nominal entries in the rolling 12 month period then the renewal of the Power User Subscription is optional.

If you feel as though an Affinity Account is more suited to your needs, you can find out more information about it here:

However, please note that this will be charged on a monthly basis rather than annual.

If you are using an Affinity Account, you will not need to pay for the additional Power User Subscription. However, there are different features enabled for the different account types so please be aware that some features may be different. For more information on the differences between the Power User Subscription and Affinity Account, please check out the following: Power User Subscription vs Affinity

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Hi Vistaro,
When you pay for L or XL then yes, that is also the power user sub.
With 200 invoices (sale and purchase) per month you will be in XL, that means you have to pay the £45 +VAT anyway. With this payment you also get all power user sub. features. Power user sub. does not include automated banking feed, that is a feature which requires an extra payment of £15 +VAT (you probably know)

Thanks Both

I presume I can move the two businesses to Affinity and likewise later remove them and go back to individual accounts if I choose?

I’m probably going to with Affinity, if so

  1. I have additional users on each account (which are not the same on each account) will they all still only be able to access the accounts they are currently allocated to? For those that are allocated to both can they instead have one log in or do they still need to treat each account separately?

  2. I’ve had a look at Power User vs Affinity and as you say both have some common and some different features, If I do want all the power user features can I then pay for and add “power user” and if so do I need to do this for each account or just once for the affinity account as a whole?

Thanks again

Power user sub. is per normal account (also the bank feed). You can’t have it on your affinity account.
So, you can purchase the power user sub. for each of your two accounts and link both accounts to your affinity account, then yes, you can use both features - the power user sub. on your normal quickfile accounts and affinity features on your affinity account.
The additional users on the normal account can only login on the normal accounts on which they are registered. They can not login in your affinity account or the other normal account.

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