Print bulk statements

Is it possible to print out bulk Statements of account to clients say at month end. A little like bulk Invoice printing?

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This is not currently possible but I have update this post to a Feature request and we shall track interest going forward.

It may however be easier for you to setup a recurring schedule so Statements are sent out once a month, you can even link this to the iMail system and have them auto-printed and dispatched.

Chalk up another interested party for the “Printing of bulk statements” it would save time if this were an option.

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i would also like to be able to send bulk statements. i have set up recurring statments but i dont think they are being sent. is there a certain time they are sent or not.

@Zenith recurring statements are sent at intervals relative to your start date. So for 1/7/2016 and with a monthly schedule it would then be sent next on the 1/8/2016.

If you have a power user subscription you can access the sent mail log which should show a record of all mail leaving your account.

another vote for bulk statements

this is a must for most businesses as printing each and every one separately is so time consuming

Bulk Statement printing would be very useful and time saving :smile:

Is there any consideration on bulk printing statements in the future?

Hi @northallertonglass

It’s currently under consideration. We’ll update this thread with any updates as and when they happen.

Thank you I will look forward to hearing for the updates :smile:

@Ashden @northallertonglass @glasgowcreative @Dsalkeld

We’ve released an update today which introduces this feature.

While viewing the full list of clients, you’re now able to tick multiple clients, select More Options and click Request PDF Statements, in a similar way you could with invoices.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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