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I have been asked by my local council to provide a detailed report on all invoices and purchases for my last P&L. Is there a report that will produce every invoice and purchase for a set period?

It amazes me that the P&L is good enough for HMRC but not good enough for our local council!!!

Hi @ChippysWorkshop

How detailed does the report need to be? There is a way to export a summary (e.g. what you see in your chart of accounts). I can certainly point you in the direction of this report if that would be sufficient?

This isn’t a scenario I’ve come across previously, so not sure if this is common?

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Detailed Chart of Accounts export should give you a list of all amounts dates and invoice numbers. There’s a lot of nested data within the invoices and there isn’t a single report that will encapsulate all this information, it would potentially be huge!

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This is exactly my point Glenn, they want a copy of all my invoices and purchases, I swear they just want to waste paper.

They want it printed too :frowning:

Hi There, A summary might be okay, they just wanted a copy of ,my invoices and receipts, I assume a full list of what I’ve bought and when, along with my invoices.

For an online shop though it’s a massive ask

That’s bizarre, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised!

How many invoices and purchases do you have for the requested period?

I have 270 purchases and 488 invoices, so thats 758 pieces of paper they want :rage:

They can have a summary and be pleased I took the effort!

Is there a way to select more than one page when you go onto something like “show all sales” as i can only bulk select one page at a time for some reason? (possibly server resources)

You can bulk print 50 items at a time, but it really makes no sense. Aside from the obvious waste of paper, it will cost a fair bit in ink!

It’s worth trying to reason with them, they should see that printing 100s of invoices is not a sensible thing to request. Maybe check if they have one of those “Think before you print this email” signature and use that to highlight their double standards :wink:

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Hahahah, I like that!!

I’m going to compile an exel file and they can either take it or leave it :slight_smile:

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You may use this already, but we offer an account back up option which may help speed up your file creation:

If you run a backup, it will include a CSV file listing all your invoices, similar to what you see when you click on ‘Sales’ in QuickFile. It can be opened in Excel so with a bit of filtering and tweaking, it may help :slight_smile:

Perfect, that’ll do me, thanks Glenn :slight_smile:

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