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Print detailed P&L

Hi, I am doing my annual accounts to send to my accountant, and she needs a detailed summary (not just final figures) of all my income and expenditure.

Is there any way of printing a full list of all the categories on the P&L and balance sheet? I used to do this for her easily on my Dosh Cashbook software, but can’t find a way to do it in QF.

How much detail? By far the easiest and most flexible approach would be to give her a username and password to log in to your QuickFile so she can run any reports she wants and drill down to individual nominal ledgers.

QuickFile has a policy where you can’t use the same email address for administrator side accounts on two different QuickFile sites, but if you have a gmail type email address you can create a login on QuickFile using an address like myname+accountant@gmail.com

Thanks, that might work, although she probably won’t have any idea how the software works or where to find things, which is why normally I send her pdf summaries of everything, which matches the final numbers I’ve got in my trial balance / P&L.

I’ll see what she says, cheers

Once she gets to the P&L or TB report screens then it’s one click from there (on the magnifying glass icon) to the full detailed ledger for each nominal code.

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It’s that which i’d like to print out, to be honest, for her but also for me, for my records, so that I have everything in my EOY file.
I suppose also I am looking to reconcile everything with my own spreadsheet list of sales, which I have to keep in order to do an ECSL. It’s far easier to tick things off if they’re on paper rather than using your tick-boxes on screen, although those are better than nothing.

Hi @Pelican10

Exports are available of the Chart of Accounts which form the backbone to your accounting records.

You can select a date range and how to group them. This generates a CSV file which can then be opened in software such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

When you click on the magnify glass, it’s the Chart of Accounts you would see.

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