Print Monthly Invoice List

Hi, I have 52 invoices in one month and would like a to print them out on one page, wouldn’t be a problem if it was 50 but can’t see how to get a continuous page when over 50.

I’m not aware of a QuickFile way to generate a single pdf of more than 50 items but there are ways to combine the pages of two pdf files into one, e.g. on Mac if you open both PDFs in preview you can drag page thumbnails from the sidebar of one file to the other, I suspect acrobat reader can do a similar thing if you’re on Windows.

I exported it to EXCEL, so can manipulate. thanks

Ah, sorry, I misunderstood, I thought you wanted to actually print the invoices themselves (e.g. to post out to subscription customers) rather than just a summary list.

Hi @Diane25

You’re not able to export more than 50 at a time

You could either export 2 lists and merge them in Excel, or run an account back up - but this will give you a full list of invoices.

What are doing with the invoice data in Excel? Perhaps we could suggest a way to do it in QuickFile directly?

Hi, basically we have approx. 2 year left till retirement and MTD has forced us to use some sort of software as our year end is June this has to be done now, nether our accountant or ourselves are properly set up for this, so trying to keep hard copy too. To enable us to file the vat digitally but keep the end of year checks on paper via our accountant. Might mean I have to do a lot of duplicating info.

You could add your accountant as a team member on your account. This would give them access to your invoices etc., and save you printing them.

If they have other clients using QuickFile, they could use Affinity, which is our platform for accountants and bookkeepers.

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