Print out of all my expenses

Hi, my accountant needs to see a list of all my expenses from my previous tax year (1st time I’ve done this with QF). Is there a way to print my whole itemised expenses?


Are you looking for a detailed list (for example, a complete list of every transaction), or just a sum of each nominal code (e.g. In this period you spent £xxxx on rent)?

Hi, yes a detailed list of all expenses. I had sent him a Year-End print out but he wants much more detail.

I think what may be of benefit would be the account back up, which would give you a complete breakdown of the nominal activity on your account.

Take a look at this post for more info:

Hope that helps!

I’ll take a look at that, thanks

Can I also have my accountant log in to my account?

Of course!

If your accountant doesn’t have access to any other QuickFile accounts, you can add them by going to Account Settings >> Team Management, and even customise what areas they can and can’t access. However, you do need to be the account administrator to set this up.

If they access several accounts, then they will need to use an Affinity account. There is a small fee for this, but it gives them greater flexibility when it comes to accessing QuickFile accounts (such as white labeling, key date overview etc.)

Ok, Team Management, is there a cost to this? He has no other QF clients.

Adding a user to Team Management is free :slight_smile: . We don’t charge per user, so whether you have 1 or 50, there is no difference

Great, I’ve just set him up as a new team member, do I supply him with username & password or is it automatic?

It would depend on what boxes you checked when you added them:

By default the boxes are as they are above - a random password will be generated, and emailed to them

I’ve just checked for you, and can see that an email has been sent with a randomly generated password :slight_smile:

Ah OK, tha’ts what I did, thanks again.

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