Print pdf detailed report in chart of accounts to include transactions and notes

Dear Glenn

I am really enjoying Quickfile and have recommended it to many people. Just want to make a recommendation as follows:
In the chart of accounts you can drill down and see the transaction level detail for each nominal account by pressing the button on the right. You can also print a summary of the accounts (without the transactions linked to it), or export to excel a detailed accounts with more information than needed and not in a pdf format.

In Quick books there is an option that you can print the chart of accounts with the drilled down transaction details and notes for each nominal account which is very quick and useful for me and for the accountant. Now what I have to do is taking far too long - exporting the detailed chart of accounts comes up with loads of unnecessary information and drilling on each nominal code to see the transactions and notes then exporting it is taking far to long for me. Can you make an option in the chart of accounts, profit and loss etc that the print button could print the details and notes in one go, without me having to manually go to each transaction and export it and then print it? I would be so grateful if you could make where you have the print report button, to have “print a detailed report button” to include the transactions under each category and the notes.

Please let me know if that is possible for you.

Thanks alot

Mrs Rapaport

Glad to hear you like the software and we appreciate the recommendations.

There is a problem creating detailed reports such as this in a cloud based environment like QuickFile in that you’re potentially trying to pull down huge amounts of data for these reports. This locks the database and affects performance for all users, it’s different when you’re dealing with desktop software where all system resources are isolated to your machine. By the way some accounts have 10s of thousands of ledger entries so this would cause some pretty nasty performance issues.

May I ask why you need to export to Excel? If it’s for the benefit of an accountant or bookkeeper it’s simpler just give them access to your account instead.

Dear Glenn

Thanks for your quick response and your constant devotion in improving the system for everyone.
My accountant likes a hard copy of everything. If you say that it would slow down the system, then perhaps you could make an option “print pdf report - with notes” when we press to view each ledger details, instead of having to export it to excel and then print it. At present if I press “control p” the format comes up with extra information at the top and on the sides - see below what I mean.

I really like the quick and professional look on the report which prints from the balance sheet and the profit and loss report. If you could make the same “print report” button when drilling down the information that would make it much faster and more professional than exporting the information and printing it from an excel.

Please let me know if that would be possible for you to implement.

Once again thank you for your support

Mrs Rapaport

I think I posted something similar elsewhere regarding printed reports. There’s a couple of reasons we wouldn’t want to do this. Firstly we’re trying to develop the software for the next 10 years and beyond, I don’t believe there’s a necessity to print every single report, I know some will disagree!

What we do want to do however is make it easy to extract the data from your account in raw CSV format and leave it to the user to decide how they want it formatting. Whenever we start outputting to PDF we need to cater for all the nuances related to formatting and style, this takes a huge amount of time and would divert us from more important areas.

I will check to see if the CSV export for the screen you refer to includes the notes, if not we’ll get this added.

Dear Glenn,

I agree that for the up-to-date accountant it would not be necessary to print out the reports, but for the old fashioned ones that are still working in their traditional way of filing a hard copy of the reports they would need a printed version.

What I am suggesting is that if it doesn’t take long for you to do and you want to make it easier to extract the data from the account, then the same information that is being extracted on csv format should also have an option of exporting it on a pdf format - which is much more professional looking.

But if this would take a huge amount of time and would divert from more important areas then off-course don’t feel pressured by my request and I will continue the way I worked till now.

Thanks alot

Mrs Rapaport

I’ll leave it open for others to comment and add their vote. If it’s something that gets requested more frequently we can certainly reconsider our position.

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Hi Glenn

This is something I have been asked by my boss to look at too. I’m trying to drag our sister company over to QuickFile, but the boss won’t do it until she can have the same Chart of Account Reports for the accountant that OP is asking for. I don’t think it’s necessarily just the ‘older’ accountants that ask for this. Every accountant I’ve worked with, in single person companies and in bigger companies with multiple associates, have always asked for the reports, unless it was on Sage, or a system they were used to using, and they always print the reports, even with Sage. I don’t think I could ask the accountant to learn how to use QuickFile just for one company (fab though it is).

The other issue I have is that even drilling through to see what the detail of an item is takes about 3 or 4 clicks, from the CoA screen, looking at the detail of the code, then it’s just listed as ‘purchase invoice QF00XXX… whatever’ and you have to click through again to even see the vendor, never mind the basic detail of the transaction. Being able to print the detail in a report would save all this clicking through. I’ve tried looking at custom reports, but can’t figure out how to do it.

Quite often the boss will be working on the VAT return, which she currently processes on her own Quickbooks system, and she calls me to ask what transactions are for, because the multiple clicking is time consuming and I will generally know off the top of my head.

As I said, never getting her to move till I can get the reports she wants. :confused:

(just realised I’ve posted this from my own company, not the p/t job, which is scotclay) whoops. :blush:

Have you looked at a QuickFile account backup? How about the “Show all Notes” option in the ledger detail screen, does that reveal the information you need?

As mentioned in an earlier post, it is a challenge when pulling data down in a cloud environment. We have accounts with 10s of thousands of ledger entries. Translating that into a single report would have hugely detrimental effects on the database performance. Sage, Quickbooks etc run on a desktop PC and as such have isolated resources… it’s entirely different in the cloud.

We do already provide a CSV download with ledger entries from the COA screen. I’m afraid we’re not likely to go beyond that, for anything else there’s the API.

One thing we will not do is handicap the software by catering for some old ways of doing things. I know some accountants like to work in specific ways, but I don’t believe setting up an additional user for your accountant and showing them were the COA is will present much of a learning curve.

If you can provide some specifics on what info you’re looking for in the report, that would help to conisider other options.

I had a look at the Account Backup. Not sure if that has a report that she would be comfortable with. I did take a look at the Chart of Accounts export facility. When I ran the ‘Export Data’/‘A detailed report of all nominal activity’ this ALMOST had what I was looking for, but again we come up against the ‘items for purchase #QF00XXX’ detail. If there was a way to include the notes field with the export, this might have enough information for the accountant, and I would only be left with having to reformat it to a readable layout.

I will ask a developer to have a look into including the notes. I’m note sure we will be able to achieve this, as the notes field can be quite large and would likely increase the size of the download by quite a bit. Fine if it’s just a small account with a handful of transactions but it will not be possible for large accounts with 10s of thousands of entries.