Print profit loss with negative figure

when you try to print a profit loss with negative figure the pdf that comes up has a positive figure no negative sign

Is the figure in brackets? This is used to denote a negative figure

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yes the pdf version is in brackets but the online version has negative symbol which is what i prefer

Brackets is the formal way of displaying negative balances, this is what accountants would expect to see. The web application is expressed in negatives as it’s easy to understand for non-accountants.

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I do have some people I submit the printed versions to that Ai t accounts and would probably find it easier to just see a negative sign. Any way to add a option to print wih negative sign but default brackets?

It’s crazy adding options for every single detail, that’s how you end up with bloatware!

BTW one of the reasons we don’t go heavily into printed docs is the customisation requirements that people request. You can never satisfy every tiny aesthetic preference, so we output to CSV and let people re-jig as they see fit.

Hi glenn,

Fair point, is there possibility of custom CSS? if so what is the section for that part such i could try implement CSS change myself

I don’t think CSS would work for something like that (unless you use the content tag, but not sure if that would work with the PDF printing?)

Your best way would be to export the data, and manually set it up as you wish in Excel

Edit: If you actually export this, excel automatically displays negative figures with a minus sign

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We don’t have CSS control for PDF reports. We may introduce this in the future, although it will be quite far down the list of priorities, unless we get a lot more users asking for this.

Even with CSS it won’t solve your requirement, CSS is only for styling (e.g. font style, colours etc), changing brackets for a prefixed minus symbol can’t be done using CSS.

Wrapping negative numbers in brackets is however the industry standard.

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Hi Glenn,

Parker way will work for me but you can use CSS to do character replacement that how i do spam prevention for email