Printing more that 50 items at a time

I’m often having to print more than 50 invoices at time, or at end of week exporting over 300 invoices into excel files.

Can we have the option to print whatever we want, say from invoice number-invoice number, for both printing or excel file? or is this a limitation server side?

Hi @fishbowlhead

The reason it’s limited to 50 invoices at a time is due to the resources it uses.

Can I ask if there’s a particular reason you’re exporting that many invoices? Perhaps someone could suggest a workaround?

We print off every single invoice as standard practice, plus export them all into excel files on a weekly basis.

If it’s a matter of resources then that’s fair enough. If anyone finds a work around please post as it will help me save time in the long run.

If you run an account backup you will get a set of CSV files for everything, one of them will be invoices.

Thanks Lurch i will give that a try.