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Printing multiple invoices from a single PDF file

I am trying to print multiple invoices, and QuickFile sends me an email, stating that they will create a single pdf for me to print. I get an email to say it is ready, however when I click on the email, there is nothing in there to print. It worked with the first Batch that I done it for.
Any help please?

Hi @SparkySeanYTK

The link in the email should take you to the PDF file containing the requested invoices.

What are you seeing when you click on the link?

The first email I received from them told me to click on the link to retrieve my pdf. I am not seeing this link on the new emails.

You see see a link with thext similar to this:

Click here to download (x) document(s)

x being the number of requested documents. When you click this, it will then load the PDF file for you.

I receive an email stating that they are pleased to let me know that the documents you requested is now ready. That’s all I am seeing.

Are you able to upload a screenshot of the email you’re seeing please? Please remove/block out any personal/sensitive information beforehand.

If you prefer, I can send you a private message for you to upload them there instead?


It looks like the emails have just been grouped together by your email client. Because there are a few emails with the same subject and content, I’m guessing your email client is just grouping and hiding them, believing they are duplicates.

If you tap in the text you see under the word “QuickFile”, it should reveal the full email for you.

With the very last one, tapping the 3 dots should reveal that one for you.

Top man, I can only apologise for not being tech savvy. Much appreciated: Sean

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