Printing Multiple Invoices via View all Invoices

I have 15 invoices that I would like to send to print without going into each one as these are hard copies for my books

Can this be done via View all Invoices

/— Paul

This is not something that is currently possible, it may however be something we can look into. The only concern on our side is managing server load, any kind of batch operation puts a lot of short-term load on the server as it iterates the invoices and generates the PDF.

I’ll leave the thread open and if there is further support for this we’ll certainly look into it.

To save quite so much server load could you not just have something where you can select a set of invoices (checkbox in the invoices screen) and then hit a ‘print selected’ button which generates a print preview which could just be some CSS formatted list rather than having to generate a set of PDF’s for the whole lot.

Hello @Paul_B_Purvis

If you click the ‘Sales’ button on the top menu and go to ‘Invoice Management’ then tick the checkboxes of each relevant invoice you can export a spreadsheet of invoice details.

It doesn’t give the full invoice description, but may be sufficient for your printed record.

Further to what @Glenn and @Lurch were saying, PDF invoices could possibly be set up to generate 1 per minute so it can run without putting to much load on the server? I’m just guessing here…


We’ll probably run some benchmarks to see what sort of load is placed on the server. I’m just really guessing at this stage? I think in order to be useful we’d need to output to PDF, as if we display as one long HTML document it will really come out a mess when you try printing it.

Leave this with us and we will explore some options.

@Paul_B_Purvis @Lurch @james We now have a new option Print Selected in the invoice management screen (within the drop down menu):

You can now select and print up to 50 invoices at a time using this feature. I say “print” but what I really mean is that it will compile all the selected invoices into a single PDF document.

The job runs as a background process and emails a link within about 5-10 minutes to the email address of the user currently logged in.

We had to run this as a background job as it was taking about 2-3 minutes to compile 50 invoices. Give it a go and let me know how it goes for you!


Would it be possible to add an option to send selected invoices i.e. as one PDF?


It does this by default.

By default I am able to send a link for sent invoices, is it possible to send a single PDF showing all invoices sent via this method?


Just to clarify this feature is not for sending invoices to a client it’s a way to create a single PDF containing multiple invoices that is emailed to the admin once prepared. This is to facilitate printing a batch run of invoices.

We don’t have any plans at the moment to batch together multiple invoices into a single PDF when sending to clients.

But, you could use it for the same.

As in you could use the “print selected” option by selecting all the invoices of “client XYZ”, the background process runs all the invoices for Client XYZ into one PDF (well up to 50 invoices anyway), then it emails this PDF to the admin who can then send that PDF to the client? No?

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