Problem with MTD and VAT return

Hi, I have a question about registration to MTD system. I signed fot MTD on the 23rd March this year and I would like to file a VAT Return for quarter Dec-Feb with QuickFile, but that option is not available. Could you tell me how can I file a reutrn through QuickFile taking into account MTD?

When I try to file a return i get that information “HMRC returned a server error, this usually occurs when their service is temporarily down for maintenance.”
I tried to contact with HMRC, and they said to contact with support, because it isn’t a problem with HMRC.

Is there any open vat return periods showing under mtd?

No, it would be the first period under MTD.

Hi @koz

The VAT periods you see are controlled by HMRC and to us by them.

If you’re not seeing the a period you were expecting to be there, you would need to contact HMRC unfortunately.

It’s also worth checking your online HMRC account to see if it shows up in there, as these should reflect what QuickFile shows.

I suspect however, that HMRC are expecting the Dec-Feb return to be submitted using the old method rather than MTD. But again, only HMRC can confirm that, we don’t have access to this information.

Hi, I wrote a post: Problem with MTD and VAT return and I can’t continue it so I will ask here.

I contact HMRC and they told us, that we should still contact with QuickFile.

We keep trying to submit a VAT Return, but during it it appears two messages.

  1. HMRC returned a server error, this usually occurs when their service is temporarily down for maintenance. (this is a message which we get from agent account)

  2. You are not yet authorised to view this report for the VRN… Please ensure your VAT number is correct and you have connected the corresponding HMRC Tax Account. If you have recently enrolled on the MTD scheme please allow 24 hours for HMRC systems to update.

But I wait longer than 24h and there are good accounts linked. Could you help me please?

This generally means that it’s either the wrong HMRC account that’s been added, or the account hasn’t enrolled on MTD. Assuming you’ve enrolled and received the confirmation email from HMRC, then I would suggest disconnecting the HMRC account from your QuickFile account, and re-connecting it.

Before making the new connection however, log into the HMRC website using your username and password and check that you do have the option for MTD on there. If you haven’t but have enrolled, it’s likely to be set up with a different HMRC account.

Hope that helps!

If you are an agent. Mtd uses your ASA account. Not your old agent gateway account. Check the right derails have been entered. For connection settings, organisation name is the name of your company associated with the ASA account not the person your filing on behalf of. That’s a few things to check.

Also if you have any other incorrect accounts linked you need to remove these from quickfile first or no new linked accounts will work.