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Problem with P/L - wrong nominal code used

I have created 3 sales this year (that’s a good year indeed) and entered them individually for the correct dates of those sales, as it was an ebay sale, I have put all of them as paid with the correct dates too. If I go for my tax year dates 1NOV20-31OCT21 on the P/L it shows ONLY ONE SALE amount. Going back into the paid invoices (ledger) it states the payments for two of them have been put in 1001 Stock?, not 4000 General sales as it should be for the other 2 invoices?!?! I cannot see anything that I have done differently.

I have gone into sales inventory and put in a number of items >1 on that sales line, it hasn’t corrected it.
What am I doing wrong here as it is frustrating getting this correct before the end of the year!

Hi @Caerleon

If you view the invoices and select “Modify Invoice”, you should see a little cog on each of the lines:

If you click on this, you can change the nominal code it’s assigned to.

Once this is changed, the profit and loss should update to reflect it.

Hi Matt, if I have stock where is this value then placed? I had in SALES INV the items listed under General, if I made 2 sales one would be general and the other got placed in Stock by the software, this was done by the software only as there was no stock to take from the SALES INV if the value was <1?

I have checked last year’s figures on this software, it had done exactly the same thing. It submitted the first sale under general THEN changed it without letting me know to stock?!? Thankfully, I didn’t rely on these figures for my return.

Can you please clarify this as it’s concerning that the software has made this change.

QuickFile doesn’t change nominal codes of invoices, it just uses the ones you’ve stated. If you’re using the sales inventory however, it’ll use the ones of the inventory item by default. It may have been a case of the inventory item having the wrong nominal which has just been loaded and saved into the invoices when they’re created.

Just to clarify however, the sales inventory is more for templating invoices rather than actually recording of stock.

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