Problem with two invoices

I have a problem that i have been scratching my head at and don’t know how to put it into QuickFile,

The invoices relate to a prepaid account and are as follows.

Please see image of invoice lines

i can get the invoice from 21/07/2014 to show correct amount, but when i enter the 14/07/2014, it changes to a credit note due to it being a credit balance after all the silly adjustments the supplier made, instead of just crediting a full invoice and re-issuing a new one without adjustments split across the two invoices

any help with this would be appreciated thanks

Any purchase invoice with a negative total will automatically become a credit note. The only way I can see this working is if you amalgamate invoice 1 and invoice 2 to a single invoice. You don’t need to exactly match everything line for line with the supplier invoices as long as you get the headline figures in and attribute the correct VAT, you can also upload scans of the invoices issued by the supplier to back up the figures.

ok i’ll give it a try and let you know if i get stuck, finger crossed lol

In the end i have added a credit note to invoice 1 to get the correct amount to show, and for invoice 2 i have created an invoice for the positive amounts and added the negative amounts as credit on account with the supplier as i couldnt add the credit note as it was more than the invoice amount, i was hopping i could and the remainder would then go into the supplier credit as it does with other systems i have used, but since this is a prepay account and i have a holding account to transfer payments into and then pay the invoices from this holding account it should balance out correctly i hope.

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