Problems getting lloyds bank feed

I tried to follow instructions to set up a direct bank feed with Lloyds bank and clicked card reader but only ended up locking up my card reader! what am i doing wrong?? i would like to be able to set this up for the new financial year. please help
thanks Teresa

Hello @Termeek1

Are you using the Chrome plugin, or the Yodlee bank feed?

i tried about a year ago with chrome plug in but but didn’t do anything, so this time i clicked in QF where it said direct bank feeds and got stuck when it asked about card reader or memorable info . i tried card reader and the reader got locked.

With Yodlee (which is the feed built into QuickFile), once you select your bank it should take you through the same login procedure as you would use if logging into online banking. So whatever details you use for online banking, enter those as you normally would.

In fact, it’s a similar situation with the chrome plugin - this just manually run rather than automated like Yodlee (where possible). If you wish, if you use the memorable word login method, this will enable the feed to run in the background.

If the login procedure you’re seeing is different to online banking, ensure you’ve selected the correct bank. For example, check that you’ve selected Lloyds Business rather than Lloyds Personal banking, as Yodlee more support both.