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Problems linking barclaycard account in bank feeds

I’ve linked my Barclays Business account successfully, but I’m having problems with linking my Barclaycard Commercial account. When I choose the ‘biometric’ option nothing happens, when I try the ‘mobile app’ option it doesn’t recognise the QR code.
Any ideas?

Hi @nimblegipsy

Are you seeing any errors? Are you sure you’re selecting the correct option for your account when trying to link?

No errors. The biometric option is visible and the box turns blue for me to click, but it does nothing??

Hi @nimblegipsy

Just to confirm - this issue is on the Barclays side when trying to authorise the connection, rather than in QuickFile? Is that right?

I think so? Not sure?
I get the finger pressing icon and click link, but noting happens.

It does sound like the issue is on Barclay’s end. In this case, I would initially say try using a different device if you can.

If that’s not possible, or if you still continue to experience issues, it may be worth reaching out to Barclays directly to see if they can help.

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