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Problems uploading vat spreadsheet quickfile

When I try to upload the excel spreadsheet for mtd vat it says there is no excel document with this name. Because it is only 1 sheet I have not named it. Please help me if you can.

HI @abbey2,

Are you still having trouble? From the sounds of it you are using the bridging module? Have you followed this guide: VAT Bridging you may find that you have missed a step somewhere?

Are there any non-standard characters in the filename? The error sounds more like it is referring to the file itself rather than the sheets within it.

How are you uploading? Are you dragging and dropping or browsing to the file?

Hi Beth, yes I have followed the guide fully and even had my spreadsheet checked out by an accountant who says its fine. When I browse and find the spreadsheet, I double click to upload but it says no file with the name ’ can be found on this excel document. I have tried and tried but no successs. I have now entered all the information from the spreadsheet into quickfile under cash register entry and it seems to have gone successfully. Will I get a notification from HMRC for when payment has to be made or will quickfile notify me of the date?

Hi, I am browsing to the file but it doesn’t seem to be finding it.
Thanks for your reply.

Hi @abbey2,

QuickFile don’t send a notification and if you are signed up for MTD you don’t tend to get an email confirmation anymore. I would suggest double checking HMRC to see when the payment is due so that you don’t miss any deadlines.

with regards to the file not being found, that sounds like it might be an issue with the file itself rather than with QuickFile. If you are browsing for the file, have you tried starting from the beginning, so going into My Documents and then selecting all the folders rather than selecting it from a cached folder?

Is this the exact error message? I only ask it does sound a bit misleading/wrong, which might be something for @QFSupport to look into.

Hi Beth,
Thank you for that I will log on HMRC and find out the payment due date.

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Hi @abbey2

Let me send you a private message and we’ll take a closer look at this for you.

it says no file with the name ’ can be found on this excel document

I believe it says “no sheet” rather than “no file”. In the mapping configuration for VAT Bridging you need to specify the sheet name within which the box totals are located. I believe this was blank on your file.

Please refer to “Step 10” on the following guide for more info:

VAT Bridging

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