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Problems with Barclays bank feed


I have worked around this problem for the last 6 months but do need to resolve it.

I have 3 Barclays accounts - 1 the lead account and 2 subsidiary accounts. The lead account is not a problem - the feed downloads the transactions automatically each day, but that does not happen with the other 2 accounts.

Instead I have to manually download the transactions on a regular basis. This is a pain not just because it is time consuming but also can and often does result in transactions being missed.

How do I re-establish the automatic downloads on the 2 subsidiary accounts?


Hi @strivs

Are all the bank accounts on the same login, or are they on different ones?

When you manually refresh the two feeds that aren’t updated automatically, are you prompted to enter any details (e.g. a pinsentry code), or does it just import the transactions for you?


The bank accounts are on the same login.

When I manually refresh, I am prompted to enter a pinsentry code


It’s not possible (for any system, not just QuickFile) to auto-import transactions for accounts where you have to enter a one-time password in order to log in. The only solution is to set up the accounts on the bank side to use a login method that doesn’t require the code generator (I believe Barclays call it “memorable word”).


When I log into my bank accounts on the Barclays website, I always use the memorable word.

I am only prompted to use pin sentry when I am manually downloading the transactions on Quickfile


Hi @strivs

When you set up the Barclays feed on your QuickFile account, it sounds like it was set up using the Pinsetry login.

In this case, you would need to delete the feed, and set it up again using the “Memorable Word” login. This will then allow the feed to run automatically.


OK I will try that.

I am also having problems with the PayPal feed, which has not downloaded since 20/9/18 despite hundreds of transactions having been processed.

I have gone into More Options, and the Feed Setting in the drop down box is in red. When I click on it, the boxes ticked are ‘Create and allocate to clients based on their PP account’ and ‘Treat all sales as Vatable at standard rate’. I have clicked on save settings which then show the message ‘Next feed early tomorrow morning’. I have check this a few times, and each time the Feed Setting has gone back to red and nothing has been downloaded


It would be worth checking your account’s event log (on QuickFile), as any PayPal errors are normally recorded here. It seems that we’re attempting the feed but it’s failing for some reason.

This would either be in the event log on the dashboard (recent events at the bottom), or by going to Account Settings >> All Settings >> Event Log


I have checked the event log on the dashboard and there are no events more recent than 2/17.

I did also check Settings/All settings and there was no event log


I have deleted the feed on one of my accounts and tried to set up the feed again using memorable word but it keeps failing.

Could you please give me the step by step process that I should follow?


If you’re getting to the stage where you can enter a memorable word, it does sound like you’re doing the right thing.

What error message are you seeing?


Let me explain the process:

I click on the set up feed option. The input page shows:


Choose 1 of the following:

Membership number
Card number
Sort code or account number - which of these should I use?

Pass code
Memorable word - I have entered the word


The next screen asks whether I am using Pin sentry (Y) or mobile pin sentry (N)
I enter Y, I then have to use PS and give the last 5 digits of the card.

On this occasion it was accepted, but is it working on memorable word or pin sentry?


I think this may be the issue. If you select ‘N’, what happens?


Hi could someone please get back regarding the problem with my Paypal feed?


On the issue of setting up the feed with a memorable number, I tried to select ‘N’ (mobile pin sentry) as suggested, but the next box was ‘please enter the 8 digit number code on your mobile pin sentry’.


Just to double check, do you have memorable word as a login option when logging in directly with Barclays?

Unfortunately I can’t see what you’re seeing for security, but it does seem strange that it would ask for a pinsentry code if you’ve said not to use one.

Regarding PayPal, you would just need to save the feed again for it to continue running. Apologies for missing this previously, I thought you managed to get it working.


Yes I do have a memorable word option with Barclays and use it all the time.

The question is: Are you using a pin sentry (Y). Are you using a MOBILE pin sentry (N)

Paypal - I have saved the feed a number of times without success


When I try to set up Barclays I go through these steps:

  1. Select the bank


  2. Enter your membership number, along with a memorable word and your passcode.

This should then save and start running for you.

Unfortunately I don’t have access to a Barclays account at this time to check it, but I will certainly give this a go when I can.

With the PayPal feed, how many transactions have taken place since it was activated? With the missing transactions, the best way to approach this now would be to import a .csv file from PayPal itself.


Thanks, I think that the 2 feeds are now working

As regards Paypal, it has been running for years, then from 17/10 no further downloads.


If this is the case, and there’s nothing in the event log and the feed is active, it sounds like it may be an issue on PayPal’s side, as there aren’t any issues on our end at the moment.

Any errors with the feed on our end would be shown in a few ways:

  • The feed symbol on the banking page would turn red
  • The feed settings option on the bank statement view would also turn red
  • An entry would be created in the event log stating the reason for the issue