Problems with client statements

2 problems i am seeing with client statements.

One client asked for a statement for year from April 2020 to March 2021, which produced a statement listing all invoices / payments during that period, but also included the current outstanding invoices (which i don’t think it should have, since these were outside of the selected date range).

2nd problem is when producing a statement for a client, selecting period “all time”, and hide paid invoices, payments and credit notes:


This shows just the outstanding invoices however, in the bottom box, it is still showing “Payments received” as well as “Outstanding Balance”.

I don’t think this section should be showing “Payments Received” total in the summary box when the “hide payments” box is ticked.

Hi @Helpquick

These aren’t bugs - this is the way the client statements have been designed. But I will pass your feedback onto the development team.

With regards to the statement for a specific date range, the unpaid invoices will always show, regardless of the date created but any payments and paid invoices will only be for the date range you have selected.

There is a feature request to remove the payments received which you may want to add your vote to: Client Statement Payments received Customisation

Thanks Beth, it is just very confusing when things show up that aren’t expected on the statement.

I have voted on the link you’ve given, but it’s unlikely to get done, if i’m the only vote, and it was raised in 2019 :frowning: but thanks anyway.

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