Problems with Exporting Data

When exporting data it is not opening up as a csv file with a save facility.

Hi @BlakeneyLifting,

Where are you exporting this data from?

Export data link was on VAT return and unreconciled transactions on Bank Current Account.

I managed to get these exports to open in excel by using another computer last night and noticed that it was showing that an office 365 update was available. I didn’t install it as wondered whether this update has changed settings in Microsoft Edge ?

Hi @BlakeneyLifting,

I’m glad you’ve managed to open the files. The Office update shouldn’t affect Microsoft Edge as they are separate programs. It may be that the download was trying to open in a different program.

You can open a .csv in notepad or in a spreadsheet program such as excel. It may be worth right clicking the downloaded file and then choosing ‘open with’ to select the program you wish to use.

Thanks for reply but I am not getting the download link. When I click download it opens up a new edge window and the data is on that window but is not saveable or downloadable I can only copy and paste it into an excel sheet and it all goes in one cell

Hi @BlakeneyLifting,

You may be best to try a different browser, as that sounds like it is an issue with Edge

It has worked perfectly up until recently.

I have just tried it on Chrome and it works fine but this is not my preferred Browser and wonder why Quickfile downloads no longer works on Microsoft Edge

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