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Problems with set up; Barclays feed to Open Banking


Hi Mathew,

I just tried following the instructions in the guide but it seems my Barclays feed on two accounts have already been moved to an active feed and it appears to be asking me to pay for it.

My 3rd Barclays account has no feed at all when it used to have Barclays feed, when I try to add Open banking by following the guide I only see an option to purchase the £15 subscription Bank Feed Service.

I bank with Barclays and not sure if they have Open banking up yet?- the guides saying it’s coming in January rather than it is live now.
I’m hoping this is a transition problem but could really do with you taking a look and advising please.

thank you



Hi @ChrisE

Open Banking has been live for around 12 months although some banks have been later to join. I can confirm however that Barclays is live, so I can only assume their website is incorrect (assuming it’s a Barclays guide. If it’s one of ours, please let me know where this is).

Regarding the new feed, that is correct about the subscription. This would be required to use it.

Is the active feed on the two accounts an Open Banking or Yodlee feed?


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