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Problems with set up; Barclays feed to Open Banking


I have noticed that there have been no new feeds from my bank account since 10th December. I have just tried to setup the open banking. I had a code to feed into my Mobile banking account, which I did, but when I try to ‘activate bank feed’, it says ‘there are currently no open banking feeds that are available to map to this bank account’. Can anybody help me please?


Hi @Blazz21

Please accept our apologies for this. I do believe my colleague has been in touch with you regarding this.

Please let us know if we can help further.


Will this solution upload the data missing since the 10th December? Also, when should I expect this to be resolved as I need to complete my VAT return?

Thanks for the prompt reply.


Hi ,

I think I have the same problem, one of my accounts is still getting the barclays bank feed but one has stopped. Could somebody get in touch to get it running again please,




Hi @ChrisE and @Blazz21

We are aware of an issue affecting the Barclays Open Banking feed, however this is on Barclays side. It has been raised with them, and they are investigating it. But I’m not able to provide a timeframe on this as it’s out of our control.

As soon as we have an update, I will be sure to let you know. We’ve also added this to our status page.


Unfortunately, Barclays are saying everything at their end is fine, so it must be the software. Quickfile are saying that it’s a Barclays problem that they hope to resolve soon. Quickfile say that the matter is out of their hands. If you manage to resolve the issue, i would love to hear how…


The issue is being investigated by the Barclays Open Banking team as it’s Barclays that is returning the error. As soon as we hear back from them on timescales, we will let you know.


Someting seems to have changed. I Now have an active feed symbol against my bank account, but it’s still telling me that there no active Open Banking feeds? I can see that no transactions have been downloaded overnight. How do I check that the feed is working, and also update my Bank account on quickfile to show the transactions that are missing since 10 December? It would seem that I need a code for open banking, which was access through email last week. However, this code is now out of date. I am generally confused, perhaps you could help me!


I think the existing feed would be the QuickFile Barclays feed, if you had this running? If you click on the blue active feed box this should open the settings for the feed itself and reveal a bit more information.

Once the Open Banking feed is active, we are able to import up to 1 month’s worth of data.


OK. I’ve deleted the old feed. This was the instructions on the email that I received. How do I set up the new feed? I understand that I will need some sort of code.


Each bank varies, but you are correct that with Barclays a code is required.

I was actually involved in the testing of this feed myself, and the set up process I used involved generating a code on my Barclays mobile banking app and enter that into the website. As you go through the process, it will guide you on how to do this.


Are you able to give me any guidance for the setup process with Barclays? In


We have a guide available here: Updating your Barclays Feed to Open Banking

The actual process with the bank can vary from bank to bank and even account to account, depending how you access it.

Barclays will provide detailed steps for you as you go through the process.

But if you do encounter any issues, please let us know.


Hi Mathew - I have deleted the feed but am now completely unable to set the new one up, I am sure I already have a yodlee feed to support this, Please can you contact me directly to try and resolve .Many thanks


Hi @Kelky

I will respond in the open private message so we can discuss any account specifics if needed.


How can I tell whether the settings are correct without waiting for 24hrs to see if anything uploads from my feed? Nothing came through last night. Should I check the settings with my bank?


@Blazz21 - If everything connected successfully with Open Banking, then it would allow you to attach the bank account to a QuickFile bank account. If there were any issues, chances are Barclays would have shown them to you during the set up process.

However, you can manually refresh the feed if needed, by going to More Options >> Refresh Bank Feed

@Blazz21 - I’m going to send you a private message to check this out for you. Please look for the green notification in the top right corner.


We have discussed this matter in detail with Barclays today.

We are advised that these issues stem from specific restrictions on the customer’s account. These restrictions (until removed) prevent the account from using Open Banking services with any third party provider (QuickFile included).

The advice provided is for the customer to contact Barclays (see numbers below). Barclays should then be able to remove any such restrictions.

Telephone Banking: 0345 605 2345
Online Banking Helpdesk: 0345 600 2323

Once this has been done we would suggest revoking and reconnecting your account authorisation.


We would like to hear any feedback from users that have contacted Barclays about this issue. You can privately message @qfsupport or myself and we’ll certainly look into it.


Sent a message to @qfsupport


They’re saying that everything is set up for the feed at their end - nothing blocking and all authorisations set. Is there something I could be doing wrong at my end?