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Updating your Barclays Feed to Open Banking


Our native Barclays feed will be depreciated on 14th January 2019. We advise any users that still have an active Barclays feed to update to the new Direct Open Banking Feed ahead of this date.

Here’s how to update your feed:

  1. Log into your QuickFile dashboard and go into the “Banking” menu and select “All bank accounts”.

  2. You should see a blue icon adjacent to the account where your feed is running. Click this icon.


Please note: if you have the newer interface you may see a blue button “Active Feed”, you can click this instead.

  1. You will now see an option to delete the feed, click this option.


  1. Return to the bank management screen and click to view the statement for the account you’d like to attach the new Open Banking Feed.

  2. Click on the “More Options” menu followed by “Activate Bank Feed”.


  1. In the popup dialogue box you will see a link to the “Open Banking” page.


  1. Click on the button “Connect a bank” and select Barclays.


  1. You will be redirected to the Barclays authentication screen where you will be able to grant access to QuickFile for read-only transaction data. Once you have completed the required authentication steps you will be redirected back to QuickFile.

  2. You can now return to the bank statement view in QuickFile and select the option “Activate Bank Feed”. You should now see an option to link the previously authenticated bank account to your QuickFile bank. If you authenticated multiple bank accounts in the previous step, you can individually map them to each bank in QuickFile by repeating this step.


Once your feed is active it will run automatically once every 24 hours. You will also be able to manually refresh your feed at any time from the “More Options” menu in the bank statement view.

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