Open Banking - no option to delete and transition


When I follow the steps to transition to Open Banking, there is no option to delete the current feed. All I see is the option to pay for a subscription…



Additionally, I have two bank feeds from Barclays, one is the current account and one is a savings account. Do we have to pay £15 per year, per account?

Hi James,

A single bank feed subscription of £15 + vat per year is required to cover all your accounts. If you follow the instructions to setup that subscription when you return you will be able to remove and transition the account.

If you get stuck with anything please get back to us.

Thanks Glen.

Looking at the accounts I can give permission for, savings accounts do not seem to be listed.

I know this will be an issue Barclays end however, can you confirm if this is correct (that savings accounts are not accessible yet via Open Banking) ?

Hi Glen,

If I try to set-up a feed for the savings account I see this message…


Have you connected a current account all OK, and linked this with a bank account on QuickFile?

In most cases, current accounts are the only ones you’re able to connect. Others will follow in time, but it’s down to the bank to allow this.

@QFMathew - yep, I’m all set regarding current account.

I wanted to set-up the savings account we have with Barclays but I guess that’s a nogo option at the moment.

You should still be able to use the Yodlee option if you wish. When it says there are no Open Banking feeds, you should see a link to set up Yodlee instead.

Yodlee works differently, so it is able to access more accounts.

@QFMathew Thanks Matthew. Is Yodlee included in the subscription to Open Banking?

Yes. The Bank Feed Subscription covers both Open Banking and Yodlee

@QFMathew Perfect, thanks for your help Matthew (and Glenn). 5-Star support as usual.

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