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Transition to Open Banking (Barclays)

Since 2012 we have maintained a Barclays Bank Feed for automatically importing transactions into QuickFile. This is to notify those users still connected to the old Barclays feed (not those connected via Yodlee) that it will be depreciated on 14th January 2019 and to switch over to the new Open Banking Feed. Those affected will receive an email today.

The direct Open Banking Feed has the following advantages:

  • No requirement to hold your bank login credentials
  • Faster and more reliable
  • Allows for on-demand refreshing of transactions
  • You control consent (renewed every 90 days)
  • FCA approved

The old Barclays feed will remain active until 14th January 2019, however you can switch over to Open Banking at anytime ahead of this date. We’ve put together a few steps below to explain how you can update your feed.

Updating your Barclays feed to Open Banking

The direct Open Banking feed will require a bank feed subscription (£15 + vat per year). If you don’t already have a bank feed subscription you will be prompted to acquire one when changing over. For Affinity connected accounts it’s possible to add a rolling monthly bank feed subscription from the company profile detail screen within Affinity.

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