Project Costs not adding up?


I have been putting tags on to invoices relevant to a project we are carrying out, and have also made an additional wage cost adjustments so that I can work out how much a job is going to cost, which is fab, apart from the fact the numbers don’t seem to add up… when searching for the invoices relevant to job I am getting a figure which isn’t shown anywhere on the project page? Am i missing something? Or is this because the project costs isn’t including the VAT on the invoices? Or is it something completely different?

Thank you!


The project figures would exclude VAT yes. VAT is just a liability so it doesn’t affect the profitability of a project, it’s removed from any calculations.

ahhh I see, that makes a bit more sense, thank you.

So am i only looking at the top row for totals then?

If you go to the invoice management screen (the one that lists all invoices), you can switch on the column to show NET amounts. It’s the total of this column that will be used in any project reporting.

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