Project level invoice numbering

Hi there, wondering with regards to Project level invoice numbering and if this is possible / likely to be in the near future ?
Seems the invoicing numbering is global ?
My issue is that I have several properties that have multiple tenants based in. I’m able to allocate a property to a project, which is very useful, although it would be very great if each project could have project level numbering option ??

Invoice numbering is global but we don’t restrict what you can use as an invoice number, providing you don’t use the same one twice. I’m not sure how project level invoice numbering would work as HMRC require all invoices to be sequential and non-repeating.

The above is specific to VAT registered businesses but for simplicity it wouldn’t be straight forward for us to have two different numbering conventions.

Thanks for your response. I understand that HMRC would require sequential numbering although this is also achievable within a defined project numbering ? e.g


OK we can certainly look at this a little further should there be interest from other users. I’ll leave it open for others to add their vote/comments.

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