Project P&L and manual adjustments

What am i doing wrong the adjustment is not showing on the report ?

It looks like there’s a problem there.

I’ve escalated this for further review, it should be patched in 24 hrs.

when I click on the money out purchases, I am not getting the list of adjustments, is there a better way to list these as only getting £900 total when its £9,500, would be nice to see the list of Adj and there reason listed on the (screen) & (P&L) report.

I believe my colleagues are working on a fix regarding the report issue.

You can however view a list of adjustments by clicking ‘Show Tagged Items’ >> ‘Adjustments’.

The original issue with the adjustments not appearing on the Project level PDF report has been fixed.

Regarding your second query, adjustments are isolated only to the project detail screen, they won’t appear on any sales invoice drill-down views. You can see a list of all adjustments by going to “Show tagged items” >> “Adjustments

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