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Project P&L anomaly

When I produce a P&L report, the expenditure items are negative. However, when I produce a P&L for a specific Project, the expenditure items are positive. Is this a bug? If not, what is the reason for it?

Thanks for your opinion.

Hi Steve

Please could you clarify where you’re seeing the positive figure? If it’s easier you’re welcome to post a screenshot but please make sure to remove any sensitive information

Thanks for your message.

When I do an overall P&L report (Reports>Profit and loss), outgoings are shown as negative. However, when I do a P&L report for a single project (Reports>Projects>View>P&L Report), outgoings are positive. See attachment for a P&L report generated this way.

It’s not a big issue, but it makes automating the process difficult. I need to remember to fix the sign when using both reports.

project P&L.pdf (95.2 KB)

For consistency, the Purchases column in the Reports>Projects screen should also be negative.

I dont use projects so i may be wrong, but i believe that is the correct way its meant to be shown.

The profit and loss account will show expenses as a negative because it is a deduction against turnover, when you run a project report, its a positive because the figure is the total amount spent on each project.

Thanks for your comment.
Both reports are Profit & Loss reports. So I think it makes sense to use the same sign convention in both cases. (I don’t mind if they are both negative or both positive.) Different signs for outgoings makes using both P&L reports cumbersome.