Project report

I am looking at the Projects - Tag Report Details screen and i have created PO’s for this specific project. I can see Purchases made and Money paid however it shows me a balance.

I have made all payments etc and the only other thing is to do with a Euro payment

Can you clarify please

Hi @Asmaa

Please accept my apologies, but I’m not sure what you need help with. Are you able to clarify your query please with a few more details?

Of course I have added project tags and I am looking at the Projects - Tag Report Details screen which I selected from the projects report.

I am checking my screen and looking at my Invoices list and Paid list

I can see a balance which does not make sense

Do you mean these figures?

Or these?


Hi yes

please note the Money Out

=Balance OUT

The Balance OUT is the issue I don’t understand

Purchases and Paid are different

Without knowing details of the project itself, it’s hard to say. However, would I be correct in thinking that this particular project was issued in EUR rather than GBP?

If so, the difference could be a currency difference.

As QuickFile uses GBP for it’s base reporting, all figures will be shown in GBP, regardless of the currency of the invoice or payments.

No the project is not set with anything special all the invoices apart from 1 from 1 euro invoice/payment has been paid

The balance out is equal to purchases minus paid. Similarly with balance in, it’s sales minus received (e.g. the total outstanding).

It’s likely that this euro invoice is the one that’s showing up here. As I mentioned above, the figure used in the reports is the GBP equivalent based on the invoice.

For example, I’ve raised a test invoice for €100.00, equal to £88.59. When I’ve paid this, I’ve marked it as the €100.00 being worth £85.00 (£3.59 difference), which shows on the project report:

Bear in mind however, the project report doesn’t take into account VAT. So if that €100 included VAT, the figure would be different again.

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