Project Tag Report - part paid / part bad debt invoice


I’ve just started using QuickFile (XS plan) and I’m currently entering some historic invoices to help familiarise myself with it.

However, I’ve got an invoice which was part-paid and part written off as bad debt, and it seems to be throwing off the figures on the “Reports - Project Management” and “Project - Tag Report Details” pages.

Basically the “Sales” figures on those pages don’t seem to include the value of the part-paid / part bad-debt invoice, but the received figure does include the partial payment amount for the invoice. As a result, my “received” figure is higher than my “sales” figure which is a bit confusing.

Now that I’ve worked out what’s going on, I can see where the numbers have all come from, but it’s a bit confusing - especially the “received £ > sales £” thing.

If that’s how it’s supposed to work then I guess it’s all good, but I figured part-paid / part-bad-debt invoices are pretty rare so maybe no-one’s noticed before, and I thought I’d give some feedback just in case it was a bug.



P.S. The count in the “Show tagged items (x)” label on the Tag Report also doesn’t include the part paid invoice, and nor does the “All sales invoices (x)” submenu, but when I click “All sales invoices” the list does show the additional invoice (i.e “x+1” items).

Hi @kingsland

Thanks for the details in your post.

Bad debt invoices aren’t counted towards the total of the invoice which is why this is likely to be happening. I will however raise a query with our development team over the part payment (cash showing but not the invoice) and see if this can be addressed.

I’ll also ask them about the count as something’s obviously missing there.

Cool. Thanks.

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