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Project Tags for bulk transactions

Hello Everyone,

I also a bit lost in tags, I work on 2 accounts, on one I can allocate project tag when I process bulk same payment from bank, where on another, there is no option on bulk tagging. Most likely it is my own fault, where I did not noticed and chosen wrong option. May be someone could help me to solve this issue please?

Thank you

Hi @IrMa,

please could you confirm where this is happening? from which screen are you tagging?

I would like to tag several transactions from bank

Screenshot Removed

On processing screen is no option for project, which would be so so helpful :slight_smile:)

Screenshot Removed

Thank you for removing screen pictures, I was just wondering how to edit or remove them as there was some data :slight_smile:

Hi @IrMa,

thank you - I have removed the screenshots from public view for you, but I could see where you meant.

At the moment it isn’t possible to add a project tag when creating a purchase invoice this way but I will move this to a #feature so that it can be considered in the future :slight_smile:

Thank you a lot Beth, it would be very very helpful, I tend to use bulk taging a lot :slight_smile:)

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