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How can I tag "something else not on the list" to a project?

Hello Support team,

One more question about tags.

I need to tag transaction from bank screen where one part have to be allocated to Asset nominal and part to general sale. I used option “something else not on this list”, it seem all good, only one bit is bothering me, that part for generals sales have to be allocated to certain project, where is on option “something else not on this list” not have. I looked at project area, there is tab add item, under which is adjustment:

Under Adjustment is:

What confusing me, I am not creating new invoice, the general sales already recorded, it is only not touched this project.

Would someone please help me reflect general sale part in the project?

Thank you.

Hi @IrMa

If there isn’t an invoice to go with the transaction, then adding it as an adjustment on the project would be the correct way to account for it.

This doesn’t affect your profit and loss, it just creates an entry on the project itself.

There’s more information on adjustments, here: Projects in QuickFile

Thank you a lot Mathew, it as worked nicely :slight_smile:

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But I have another question regarding project:

I created sales invoice - modified one of deleted invoices:

Then went to bank screen to tag it, but tasing option do not see this invoice and only want to create new one:

Do you have any idea where I allowed mistake?

Thank you.

Everything looks OK from the outset. Initially, I’d look for the currency and amount variations - if they’re different for example, they won’t match up. But this doesn’t appear to be an issue here.

Is the invoice definitely for the client you’ve selected? Does the invoice show up on the initial list (before you have to select the client name)?

Morning Mathew,

“Is the invoice definitely for the client you’ve selected?”

Yes, it is shown on first uploaded screen picture in my first message.

“Does the invoice show up on the initial list (before you have to select the client name)?”

Not sure what you mean? Invoice show in Clients invoices folder, it has status “Draft”, which I wondering if it have something to do with it?
When I try to tag this invoice to existing sales Invoice system seem do not see it, not sure if the fact that in bank line description have no name of this client could contribute to the problem?

About invoice itself: I had some deleted invoices, which I wanted to used up the numbers, so I reinstated and then modified this invoice.

This is all actions I took.

Thank you

Hi @IrMa,

If the invoice is showing as a Draft then it won’t be ‘saved’ so it won’t be showing up in the ledgers. It will not show as outstanding etc either so this is probably the reason you aren’t able to find that particular invoice.

Hi Beth,

I opened invoice many times and pressed Save, but it still kept status “Draft”.
How do I change it, to been visible in ledgers?

Thank you

You have to flag it as ‘Sent’ this will then save the invoice as an invoice rather than a draft

Thank you so much Beth, it is worked :smile:

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