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Hi, I started to use project tags to identify invoices with foreign VAT (out of scope for UK VAT). I was looking for a way to save time when preparing the non UK VAT-returns. Is there an option to filter/search tagged invoiced for a certain period? Or maybe there is an easier way to keep track of foreign VAT invoices.

Hi @fich

If you’re looking for invoices with a specific tag, then you can view all invoices by that tag, but you can’t yet filter by both date and project tag (although this is planned)

You can go to Reports >> Projects >> Select your project tag >> View all tagged items and select what you want to view. This will show you a complete list without any additional filtering.

The only other way of filtering is by currency, although I appreciate this isn’t practical given that just because it’s non-GBP, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s out of scope.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the info. Would be great to have Advanced Search in Projects extended with Date Range (like in Sales and Purchase).
Or maybe you extend the Advanced Search in Sales and Purchase with a list of tags to select from.
How can I tag an invoice that relates to an already submitted VAT return?

We’re always open to ideas :slight_smile:
Please feel free to start a request in the Feature Request category and we’ll keep an eye on the interest in it.

This is part of the planned feature I linked to above. You’re welcome to comment on that thread however if you have any ideas relating to it.

You could create a project tag for these. There isn’t currently an automated way of doing this.

Thanks Mathew for the suggestions.
By way I really like the improvements made on functionality and user-interface in QF.

An invoice related to an already submitted VAT return can not be edited without a rollback.
So how can I edit the project tag on these invoices?

Thanks for the positive feedback :+1:

There are a few ways you can add a project tag. One of the ways (which was the original way), is you can add it from the invoice preview screen. If you put your mouse over the top right hand corner, the option will appear:

Or, if there are a few invoices you want to edit, you can do it from the invoice management page - just tick the invoices, click More Options and select Update tags:

Thanks Mathew, that solved my issues related to non UK VAT returns.

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