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Love this feature as it saves quite a bit of working around certain issues with nominal codes for us :smile:, however are you planning to introduce a way (or is there a way I haven’t yet found) to bulk tag purchases, so that I can speed up the process of retrospectively allocating 12 months of expenditure to a variety of projects!

It would be useful if one could do this the same way that one can bulk tag bank items…

Many thanks

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It definitely makes sense to have some way to bulk tag sales and purchase invoices. That will come in time as we further develop the project tools. I’m going to convert this to a feature for now so we can report back when we’re ready to add this feature.

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Thanks for the speedy response Glenn - I guess that over time the projects feature may allow us to do away with creating two nominal codes (one for income, the other for expenditure) for every project we’re running. Still in the early days of playing with it though :smile:

Keep up the good work - I recommend Quickfile to so many of the small businesses and co-operatives I work with!

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I’m pleased to say that this has now been implemented. More details on the following post:

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I saw :smile: Thank you so much for implementing this - it’ll make life a lot easier for me!

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It’s not a problem, thanks for your feedback :wink:

Hi, what about bulk detagging? I have tagged some transactions incorrectly and now would like to change nominal for them, but I have to detag them manually one by one (and there are thousands of them)

The same bulk tagging features discussed in the release, also allow you to remove tags in bulk as well.

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