Projects - opening balances (ringfenced funds)

Good morning.
I’m trying to work out how I can have an opening balance in a project! One of my charities has received an amount of money which they wish to allocate to a service they deliver. It will only be a paper exercise as there will be no physical spend but would like to see the money being used. To explain a bit better -
We normally bill our referral partners for the service but instead because of this donation we would like to use these funds to ‘pay’ these invoices. The bank itself wouldn’t change just the project P & L if that makes sense. I would like to 'allocate an amount of money held in the bank (without actually reducing the bank balance) in order to show these transactions in a project report. These would in effect be ringfenced funds. Can you help?

Hi @i54bel

I think adding an adjustment to the project should do the trick.

If you add this as “income”, then it will only affect the project tag and nothing else (e.g. your overall P&L remains the same)

This may help: Projects in QuickFile

If you need any further help though, please don’t hesitate to let us know :slight_smile:

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