Promotion credit from Post Office


Quick setup background

I use the post office “drop n go service” basically I prefund an account and just leave my goods at the post office for them to send, they then debit the account for the total.

So I have setup a bank account for the “drop n go account” I just move money from my bank account on quickfile to this account when i pay into it and then tag everything coming out as “postage and carriage”

All good so far.

Now as part of a recent promotion the post office have credited my “drop n go account” with £10 credit, What’s the best way of accounting for this in quickfile?

Is it simply to transfer £10 back from “postage and carriage” to the “drop n go account”? or should I be doing something else as I guess this is income from another source.


I think you would just enter this manually on the “drop n go account” bank account then tag it to a nominal code. Not sure which nominal you’d tag that to? Perhaps @Joe can comment?

any more thoughts?

I’ve just tagged it as “miscellaneous income” just now, does that seem ok?

You may find the posting below helpful:

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