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Property rentals business and questions

I run a business renting out houses, rooms in a house, and soon to be commercial property too.

can you somehow section or tag the accounts to each property to run searches or filters?

could i somehow look at an individual house and see all costs and revenue associated with just that house. this would be to basically see the gross / net profit of that specific house rather than all revenue and costs just grouped as a whole?

this would probably be similar to sectioning or filtering off specific customers instead of a property.

for example:

House 1.
Rent comes in for house 1.
Mortgage goes out for house 1.
General maintenance costs are billed to house 1.
Agent fees (if any) are billed to house 1.

House 2.
Same as above.

Can you section off and look at the profit / loss of each house?


Project tagging is what you’re after.

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thanks for replies. seems like it will do what i want it to do. just throught is ask before going through the trouble of setting it all up

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