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I have created several new nominal codes, but only one of these appears in the purchases screen as a category. I only get the default accounts.

From the above post, I also do not get the checkbox allowing to use in invoices.

I only see.

Any help please, as I now have all of my costs in general purchases.

Many thanks,

Hi Paul,

Would you please kindly let me know the nominal code number and I will look into this for you?

Thank you for coming back to me.
On my account, I have set up various nominal accounts for a small charitable club.

As an example, I would like to enter purchase invoices to the following accounts:

  • 7210 General - Secretary (Postage Cost)
  • 7220 General - Secretary (Stationery Cost)
  • 7310 General - Charity Stwrd (Postage Cost)
  • 7320 General - Charity Stwrd (Stationery Cost)

However, they do not appear as options and everything goes to general purchases.

Also, the tick-box mentioned on the link does not appear. Am I doing something wrong?

Please let me know if you need any further details.

Many thanks, Paul

You’re not doing anything wrong here. In fact any code added within the 5000 to 9999 range should be automatically available within purchase invoices, hence why the checkbox does not appear.

I see however that many of these codes you have created are not available in purchase invoices as they should be. We later realised that these codes were dynamically created from a journal or trial balance import. There’s a small bug here that meant the appropriate flag was not getting applied. We are working on a fix for this today and within the next hour all the codes you created will be available to use within purchase invoices.

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Fantastic, thank you for your prompt reply.

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No problem, if you recheck now those custom codes should be available to use in your purchase invoices.

I’ll leave the post open, should you need to get back to us with anything.

Brilliant. All working perfectly now. :smiley:

Thanks, once again.

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