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Purchase Create API don't accept exchange rate

when we create new Purchase Invoice using API than in Quick file Exchange rate goes to 1.0000 and because of this, we lost almost more than 10K GBP this year.

I had mentioned this before and doing it again Please Fix it in your API

Hi @Sohaib_Ahsan

Do you have an example of this being used which you have noticed it’s not recorded correctly please? Please remove any sensitive data before posting.

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yes i have but you want simple replicate using your api sand box and create a purchase Invoice with Euro Currency and See

Hi Guys,

I can second this issue aswell. One of our suppliers uses Quickfile and i liked the layout so tested out using a trial account. I used the exchange rate api when generating an invoice and i put my custom rate in, quickfile would auto replace my rate with their own rate which makes the api feature useless. I am currently on quickbooks and they dont have basic issues api like this, hence why i have not switched over.

i will follow this thread and see if any solution to this and will switch over if any resolution found.

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You don’t even has any option for currency rate in purchase create api

@Sohaib_Ahsan - It’s been raised with our development team. Once we have an update, I’ll be sure to let you know. This may just be a fix to use the correct exchange rate from the date (using xe.com data) as normal, or it may be specifying your own exchange rate.

Yes we need to specify own rate as HRMC has different ones


A Fix for this has gone live, please let us know if you are still having problems.

Now when we try to create in quickfile … ex rate is auto replaced with your default one … For example i entered 1.9874 in api and in quick file it’s 1.0944 . Same thing happens in Sales .

So now you made is worst … at least before this we can identify that we need to alter ex rate in purchase after creations because its 1.0000 in quickfile but now quickfile is auto replacing it with some default one .