Purchase import doesn't work well

Hi there - I’ve been trying to import purchases in bulk and I get a weird error. It keeps telling me that: Sorry, you can only import 500 items at a time despite having only around 70.

It turns out if I delete extra empty rows, it does work. But it took me ages to work that out. I’ve not seen a CSV importer work like that anywhere else - I’ve only ever seen empty rows get discarded. Worth fixing? Wasted some time getting my head around this.

Hi @J671

Sorry to hear you’ve encountered issues uploading a CSV file. It does sound as if the row wasn’t actually empty which is why it was being picked up.

Have you opened the original CSV in notepad or similar, to see what’s actually being saved there?

Hi Mathew - I guess so, although the file didn’t look like that. Unfortunately I’ve now wiped the original files! Sorry I can’t be more help here.

Hi @J671

Unfortunately, as we have no access to the problem you were reporting, and you now have no access to the wiped data, we are unable to pursue this bug any further. If you find that it is happening again, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll see what can be done to help you.

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