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Purchase Invoice Import with multiple lines


Hi, is it possible to import Purchase Invoices with separate items/categories as stated below to account for VAT and No VAT

Category Description Sub total VAT Rate VAT Total
Stock No VAT Food Supplies 143.38 20.00% 28.68 172.06
Stock [Asset] Food Supplies 318.77 0.00% 0.00 318.77

We buy products which are VAT and Non VAT on single purchases eg Food, non-food. Otherwise its a manual job to go in all invoices to amend which is a big job to do



Looks like you asked the same question back in August:



Hi Glenn,

Similar but this time on purchases?

Can it be done



The same applies to sales and purchase invoices, you can’t easily import this kind of structured data from a CSV file as you need parent and child rows. A CSV only has rows and columns (i.e. 2-dimensional data)

The only way to do this would be via the API using the Invoice_Create Method.


Ok Glenn,

Do you have a sample one that I could use to test.



Here’s an example of some XML you can use to create a new invoice:


You can also test this yourself in our Sandbox area.


Hi Glenn,

I’ll give this ago, thank you

one last thing which API would I use to Get a Purchase Invoice from a supplier to see what it entails


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