Purchase invoice vs Regular supplier invoice

Hi, when I create a purchase invoice in Quickfile, do I still need to have a separate invoice from the supplier as well? If so, what do I tag it to? Thanks

Kazik, you would normally only create a purchase invoice when you receive the supplier invoice unless you are creating the invoice from the bank payment. You always need the supplier invoice as that is your record for vat and your accounts. The purchase invoice is the transaction within QuickFile that records the supplier invoice. There is nothing to tag separately. Just enter the supplier invoice as a purchase invoice record and tag the payment from your bank account.

Hello @Kazik

You can either
Create a manual purchase invoice in QuickFile
Enter payment manually or tag it to an existing payment in the bank
Use the mobile app to upload their purchase invoice
Enter payment manually or tag it to an existing payment in the bank
Tag a bank transaction as “Payment to a supplier”


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Hi, Thanks for your reply. Can I create a manual purchase AND attach an invoice received from the supplier?

Hello @Kazik

A purchase would automatically be created if you use the Mobile app to take a picture of the purchase invoice.

You can create a manual purchase and upload a copy of the document from the supplier to the document hub but there is no way to link the 2

Thanks. It feels like this is a gap in the software. Any chance that this will be addressed?

Hello @Kazik

I have just been looking for a workaround for you.

You can attach an image to an existing invoice in the mobile app

If you upload it to the receipt hub, you enter the amount. If it finds an invoice matching the amount and has no documents (by default - you can change this), then it’ll suggest you linking them.

Thanks. But the bank account transaction is already linked to a purchase invoice, which I have created in quickfile. Can I link a purchase invoice and a supplier invoice to the same bank entry?

Hello @Kazik

No unfortunately not.

You would have to delete the bank entry and do as I suggested above

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