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Purchase Management Totals

Each month I go into a suppliers purchase management screen and click the overdue filter to see how much is owed so I can arrange payment. The problem I have though is that the total isnt correct because the receipt number total doesnt show if I have any credits against it - in other words its still showing the original value. This doesnt make sense to me so I wonder if Im doing it wrong or maybe filtering the wrong way?


Hi @w9gga

The better report to use would be the Debtor / Creditor Report, which can be found under Reports >> All Reports

This would show you everything outstanding as of a certain date, so by setting it to today’s date, that would work. This does show you all the balances and totals.

Hope that helps!

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for this but that report doesnt work if Im doing it right. It only shows how much I totally owe to the supplier. I want to know whats due at a certain date.

The way I am doing it in general works but I can’t think of a good reason why QF doesnt show part credits against certain unpaid invoices.

Ive had it before where Im trying to work out how much money i will need by a certain date and have ended up overestimating because there have been several credits that aren’t factored in.

I literally have to click into every due invoice to make sure there isnt a credit showing as part payment before I decide what Im going to pay.

Apologies for any confusion @w9gga.

On the invoice manage page, you can go to More Options and select Show all partial balances, which will toggle it for all invoices.

But the report I mentioned will show the partial balances too. As an example:

By default it shows the totals on a client-by-client and supplier-by-supplier basis, but you can click on the row to expand it (like the screenshot).

Excellent thank Matthew thats much better.

Thanks very much!


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