Purchase > More Options > Show nominal ledger entries

I have been entering some purchase invoices this morning (in euros) and refer to the Nominal Ledger entry to confirm that the purchase equals the payment,

However, when looking up the entry via “Purchase > More Options > Show nominal ledger entries” there is no details shown.

For example (A/C **113) Purchase: #QF05846 is not shown in the nominal ledgers.

I have also done a “Chart of Accounts” for the date of the transaction (18/06/2018), the Chart of Accounts is showing in account Creditors Control Account (2100) a balance of £8.55CR but when clicking on the account to look at the entries for this amount there is nothing reported.

I am concerned where has the purchase been recorded. Please would you have a look at this.

Hi Alan,

We will take a look into this and see if there is an error somewhere. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Glenn checked this today, working fine now.

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