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Purchase numbering bugg

hi not sure if anyone else has noticed but with entering purchases receipt’s each receipt get a QF numbers, QF0001, QF0002, QF 0003 etc
but when i create a credit note against a purchase (e.g CN0001)and then enter another purchase invoice it skips
a QF number to QF0005
is there a way around this as it looks like I’ve deleted a purchase when i haven’t???
any ideas of what to do or if it really matters if there’s missing purchase invoices?

The QFnnnn numbers are only for your own internal reference, it doesn’t matter to anyone else if they fall out of sequence. If you were to get a VAT inspection, for example, HMRC would care if you had an unexplained gap in your sales invoice numbering, but for the purchases all they care about is the actual invoice or receipt that you received from the supplier, not the way you choose to record that invoice in your own books.

Ahh i see, Thanks, just thought it was a bit strange that it would do that with the purchases/credit notes

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