Purchase of a spray gun to paint samples

hi guys i just recently started my venture and struggling a bit with choosing the right category for a purchase of a spray gun which i will use to paint samples to show to customers this is the only use of this gun as i only sell the materials and dont do any works for anyone
when im buying materials to make samples i classify them as gifts and samples cost (6202) is that correct ?

how much is the cost of gun?

i can purchase it via my workplace at a reduced price so it would cost me about 20quid or so

Gun cost can sit in Sundry expenses

hmm can you explain in more detail if you dont mind as i dont have such a account in my chart of accounts
maybe im looking in the wrong place :smile:

If you dont have Sundry, you can create one or use Miscellaneous expense

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yeah i was actually thinking about using misc :slight_smile: thats cool thanks for your help