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Purchase order quantities



I’ve read through previous threads and it was mentioned back in 2016 that there was going to be a quantity column introduced to the purchase order page. This would allow entries in the purchase order inventory to be quantified, currently I can’t find said quantity column which almost renders the purchase order inventory redundant. Is there a reason since 2016 the option has been removed? Will it ever be re-introduced?

Purchase quantities

Purchase orders do support a quantity column. Purchase invoices don’t but it matters less there as those are only seen by you and not sent to the supplier.


Purchase order quantities. Are they going to be introduced again. Someone recently said that they are but on Mac i cant see a quantity field unless I’m being stupid?


Hi @ThomasBrooks

I’ve merged your posts together to keep things organised.

As @ian_roberts mentioned above, purchase orders do support quantities - we haven’t removed support for this. However purchase invoices don’t, and never have.


I cant see a quantity field on here?


Hi @ThomasBrooks

This is the purchase invoice screen. Purchase orders are a different type of document.

For accounting purposes, quantities aren’t relevant for purchase invoices - only the values are. However with a purchase order, the quantities are important as they can act as an order form.

This is an example of the purchase order screen:

Was it a purchase order you were looking to create or a purchase invoice?



Sorted it, thanks for your help. I was looking to create a purchase order. I didn’t really fully understand the difference between order and invoice. Now I’ve switched on purchase orders in team management and it’s all become clear. Having a quick play you can convert from purchase order to invoice easy so should save some time creating a purchase order on a spread sheet then creating an invoice when I get a receipt or from payment on quick file.
Next step is stock control I think (any topics I should be looking at?). :+1:.
Thanks, Tom


Glad to hear you’re on the right lines now :+1:

We don’t have a built in stock control system as such, but we have inventory which allows you to populate invoices quickly by using “templated” items.

Do you use anything for stock control at the moment?


In a word no I haven’t got any stock control in place are there plans to integrate a third party stock control software with QuickFile in the future?


There are no plans at the moment, but there is potential support through Zapier, and we’re more than happy to open discussions with any software providers looking to link up with QuickFile in this way.