Purchase Order Templete / CSS

How do I move the “Purchase Invoice” title so that it does not clash with my Logo?


Set the logo in Invoice Design to auto width.

In the Custom CSS you should also be able to pad the address boxes down so the end of the riddiculously long name doesn’t clash as well!

thanks for reply.
Where do I find the Custom CSS for the Purchase order ?

In Account Settings > Design Customisation at the bottom there.

The purchase invoice CSS applies to the purchase orders specifically.

There are several ways of doing it though, as always. You could just use a different template where the address is lower anyway, or you could globally pad the address box down, or remove/move the header and place it somewhere else.

Hmm, just checked mine and and it wraps automatically, PURCHASE ORDER is on 2 lines. The CSS for mine is <div id="PurchaseView1_dvHeader" class="invoice-header">PURCHASE<br>ORDER</div>

yes we get that as well on screen but if you print PDF it is one line as posted

Ah OK, PDF is a different matter.

@ChrisatIIOnline - We’ve identified a small issue which is affecting this. We’ll get this fixed up so it matches the web view. (that is, each word on it’s own line).

@ChrisatIIOnline - This should now be fixed. Would you mind checking and confirming please?

Hi Mathew
Yes that appear to now work.

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